New Power Nebraska: Wind Creates Jobs

New Power Nebraska: Wind Creates Jobs

“The job opportunities are endless. Being able to stay where I grew up and where my family still lives is amazing”

– Sam Becker,
Northeast Community College, Wind Energy Program Graduate

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New Power Nebraska’s Mission

New Power Nebraska shines a light on the benefits that wind energy generation brings to Nebraska’s communities and rural places – for clean power, farm income, and new jobs.

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    Using a natural resource – that we have in abundance in Nebraska – to cleanly create energy promotes American energy independence, generates new income opportunities for farmers, and leads us to a new energy future.

    Congressman Jeff Fortenberry

    We as a state continue to see how wind can support our local economies. Having an additional natural resource that we can use. develop, and export for value is a great opportunity.

    David L. Bracht, Former Director, Nebraska Energy Office

    Wind energy is a significant component of our community’s energy diversification efforts. As we continue to grow as a city, we will increasingly draw upon clean energy sources to accommodate energy needs. As a clean, homegrown resource, wind will play a vital role in powering our future.

    Chris Beutler, Former Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska

    Economic Impact of Wind in Nebraska

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    | May 5, 2021 | Energy News Network

    Solar and wind’s competitiveness over coal is accelerating, analysis shows

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