Nebraska Renewable Energy Benefits

Why New Power?

Rural areas can struggle to bring in new businesses and add to their tax base. This challenge can be overcome by taking advantage of an industry that is well-suited to rural communities: wind and solar power.

The communities who choose to build wind projects will bring jobs and economic development. And not just for people involved in the projects, but for restaurants, motels, and gas stations nearby. Schools can improve their facilities and educational programs. A commitment to wind energy is an investment in the future of rural communities. 

How do Nebraskans benefit from renewable projects?

Supporting Rural Communities

Ranchers and farmers receive lease payments, keeping the farm in the family and the family on the farm.

Low Cost Electricity

The state lies in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), where wind power saved electricity customers $1.2 billion in 2013.

Jobs for Nebraskans

Already about 1,400 people in Nebraska have jobs in construction, maintenance and more thanks to wind and solar energy.

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